Fox's Wyrd Woods

Founded in 2012, with the sole purpose of sharing my art with the world. I want each hand crafted piece to bring joy to the home it ends up in. 



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The R.S.V. & P.

The Royal Stagg Villa and Pavilion 

We have a dream of a castle in the woods, surrounded by a small village of shops, where magic is felt, memories are made and fairy tales can come true.

Our dream is about making a permanent site for the friends we have met the 'rennies' of south west michigan and beyond. These kind and caring folks, who took us in and accepted us without judgement, have become like family and deserve an escape that we can all share with the public.


And that is what all historical re-enactors love about fairs: the escape from daily life, the magic of bringing another time period to life, and sharing it with our community. 

This would become a permanent site to hold a renaissance faire, that doesn't require a 4+ hour drive, and a year's worth of savings to attend. 

But more than just one faire, we want to provide a magical place for weddings, complete with accommodations for the bridal party to overnight in the castle suites. An event hall that looks like a picture of Valhalla, how fun would a graduation or birthday party be at Arthur's round table?